Alison caregiver courses, Florence Academy courses or CareTuition?

Alison caregiver courses and Florence academy courses - caregiver certification online

If you’re looking for caregiving courses online, you will probably have found an Alison caregiver course or one of the Florence academy courses. Both of these training providers offer high quality training, so which should you choose and why might you choose CareTuition as an alternative? The answer lies in what you are looking to achieve by completing your caregiver certification online.

Online course providers

Online courses have become a vital part of care training, and this is not likely to change any time soon. In fact, accredited online learning has become the industry standard for inducting staff in the UK care industry. Despite its limitations, online training remains the most effective and convenient way of imparting learning to large numbers of students.

Learning platforms themselves operate under a range of models. Some are focussed on a specific industry for example, while others cover a very wide range.

The platforms that provide generalised training tend to operate as ‘hosts’ for courses published by others. While there are usually control measures in place, this does mean quality might be inconsistent between different courses. You might find some publishers claiming their courses are ‘diplomas’ for example, which is usually a term only used for courses underwritten by an awarding body.

These platforms also tend to spread their webs wide, so the courses might be designed for the widest appeal rather than for a specialism.

Equally, for people looking for a course to simply learn more about how to provide care – to help a relative, for example – training that is designed to meet particular industry regulation might not be a priority.

Alison Caregiver Courses is a general online training platform providing all manner of courses in areas such as IT, business and management as well as healthcare.

Alison allows a variety of contributors to publish courses on its platform. This means the quality between courses may vary, but the best courses on the platform are very good.

Although Alison appears to offer free caregiver certification online, the certificates themselves require payment. You can therefore complete the learning free of charge, but if you want to demonstrate this to an employer for example you will need to pay.

The Alison caregiver courses can be very good, but they are aimed at a general audience rather than meeting the industry requirements for any particular country. Though many courses are accredited by the CPD Certification Service, the platform lacks many UK training standards including the Care Certificate.

Florence Academy Courses

Florence academy is a UK based online training provider which specialises in healthcare and nursing. There are some very good courses on the platform which emphasise CPD for people already employed in healthcare – for example, in PEG Feeding, Stoma care and Safeguarding.

There is also a focus on the UK, with Florence academy courses being CPD accredited.

Caregiver certification online with Florence requires payment. The Care Essential Collection is currently around £25, for example.

Florence also run an agency providing staffing to UK care providers, and their training platform is focussed on CPD for their cohort of temporary care workers, who get to use it free of charge.

There is no single course available for the Care Certificate. Florence Academy has some of the 15 Care Certificate courses available, but these cover similar subject matter only. They are not aimed at the learning outcomes specific to the Care Certificate.

CareTuition Courses

CareTuition is another UK based training provider whose courses are focussed on the UK care market.

The key CareTuition course is the Care Certificate, which is a mandatory training standard in the UK care industry. The courses are also CDP accredited by the CPD Certification Service. The Care Certificate course is £20, but many of the shorter courses are free to complete with paid certificates like Alison.

CareTuition courses are aimed at UK healthcare employers needing to meet regulation requirements and people seeking employment in care in the UK.

Which training platform is right for me?

The courses available on all three platforms are very similar, but they are aimed at different audiences and made for different purposes.

The Alison platform is aimed at self improvement, so it’s great for people looking for an introduction to a new industry or area of interest. Since the learning is free, it’s perfect for familarising yourself with something new. It’s not ideal for meeting industry requirements however – particularly in the UK where the Care Certificate is required. Because many courses are CPD accredited though, UK employers will recognise their value.

Of the three, Florence academy courses have the widest range of caregiver content available. The platform is also focussed on healthcare alone. It has many courses which apply to the UK care industry, but again a Care Certificate course is lacking. Once again CPD accreditation is present and also Skills for Care endorsement, which is beneficial in the UK.

CareTuition is focussed on the in-work training required by UK care providers. There are a narrower range of courses available than Florence for example, but what there is will be instantly recognisable by UK employers. It’s therefore very good for people with the goal of gaining employment in care in the UK. It is also the only platform of the three to offer a CPD accredited Care Certificate course.

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