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Meet Learning Outcomes set by Skills for Care

Our Care Certificate has been designed to meet the standard required by Skills for Care by setting a question for each learning outcome.

Uniquely to CareTuition, your staff can also record observations for the practical element of the Care Certificate, which is a requirement of Skills for Care.

You’ll get access to our Learning Management System, which allows you to track the progress of your learners as they complete their training.

Your staff will receive a digital certificate to download for each of the 15 Care Certificate Standards, as well as a certificate when they complete the full award.

Complete your qualification for a low cost

Demonstrate your knowledge and experience with the qualification

Recognised qualifications

CQC Compliant Care Certificate Course

Your Care Quality Commission inspector will want to see that your mandatory induction training follows the standards of the Care Certificate.

With CareTuition you’ll be able to demonstrate compliance with an overview of all your care team’s learning activity in one place.

You’ll be able to show the CQC all your learner’s certificates as soon as they are completed by your staff.

You’re also free to download valuable data in CSV Excel format for your training matrix if required.

What Does the Care Certificate Cost?

Free care certificate resources may reduce the upfront cost of mandatory training, but they cost time. CareTuition requires a small investment, but we’re sure you’ll save enough of your own time scoring paper workbooks, chasing carers & issuing certificates to recoup this cost. Our care certficate course is only £20, or as little as £16 with bulk discounts!

Do I Need to Score My Care Certificate Answers?

With traditional paper workbooks, you need to understand and interpret your learner’s care certificate answers and score them manually. With CareTuition your learners are tested and scored automatically, and you can also monitor progress without chasing carers!

Skills for Care Care Certificate

When Skills for Care created the Care Certificate they published all the learning outcomes to be met for its delivery. Our Care Certificate course meets these learning outcomes one by one, so you can be sure your learners are completing the care certificate as it was intended. Your CQC inspector is also sure to be impressed!

Why Care Certificate Elearning?

Why should you use care certificate elearning in place of paper-based care certificate workbooks?

With CareTuition your learners are tested automatically, so you don’t need to spend time scoring tests on paper.

You can also monitor progress without chasing carers!

Certificates are issued digitally too, and you are free to download them when you need to.

Can be completed on mobile

Mostly multiple choice making it easily accessible

Get a downloadable certificate that you can present to UK employers

Easy to understand and designed to get you qualified first time

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