Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use CareTuition?

Using CareTuition is really easy – you can buy courses and enrol your staff as and when you please without any support from us.

Once you sign up as an organisation by buying your first course you’ll be able to buy further spaces from within the account page, and you can choose to either save your bank details or re-enter them each time.

Do I have to enrol my learners one by one?

No! You can leave spaces available and enrol learners whenever you’re ready – just enter their details and they’ll get an email notification to sign in.

When you sign up you’ll have the option of bulk discounts – you don’t need to have enough learners ready to sign up straight away. You’ll be able to keep places in reserve for when you recruit new staff.

Care Certificates are currently £20, but you can save 10% when you buy 5 or save 20% when you buy 10. That’s only £16 per Care Certificate!

How do I check in on my learners?

You can check on the progress of your learners any time in the admin page, plus run reports on progress for test, assignments or courses.

All reports can be downloaded as CSV files and you’ll even be able to download certificates as PDF files for your records.

How do my learners access their learning?

Learners can access their learning in the same place as supervisors – via the my account page here on the website.

Is CareTuition accessible on mobile?

CareTuition looks great on mobile devices – especially the learning itself!

Since the majority of your learners will be accessing their courses on mobile or tablet, this is a real plus for you.

How is the learning structured?

CareTuition courses are made up of either multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks or sorting type questions.

For the Care Certificate, each question relates to a learning outcome to ensure the requirements set out by Skills for Care are met.

There are 15 tests to complete – one for each standard of the Care Certificate.

How long does the Care Certificate take?

The Care Certificate is made up of 15 standards with a test for each one.

Depending upon their ability, we would anticipate your learners to take between 30 minutes and an hour for each one.

Our learning is designed for learners to absorb information in an easily understandable format with jargon explained in plain english where necessary!

How is the learning scored?

CareTuition courses are scored automatically with a pass rate of 80%, meaning you do not need to mark any assignments as you would with paper-based learning.

How do I sign off my Care Certificate Observations?

Care Certificate observations can be recorded in the workplace on a mobile device at any time.

Your learner will need to record examples of what has been observed with a supervisor or other suitable person – there is an observations section for each of the 15 standards which prompts learners to record what is required for each one.

You are then free to approve this within my account.

How do my learners receive their certificates?

Certificates can be accessed by learners as PDF downloads upon completion of each course.

Learners can go back and download their certificates as many times as they need to.

Supervisors can also download learner’s certificates from with the account page to ensure training records are kept up to date.

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