Learn to be a Caregiver: Certificate in Care

Complete your caregiver certification online with our certfied Care Certificate course

Our Care Certificate course is compliant with UK training standards, but it is suitable for learners across the globe. If you’re looking for caregiver certification online our course is the ideal caregiver certificate for many other countries. The Care Certificate course consists of 15 standards which are deemed to be the key training areas for people new to care in the UK, but they translate well to other countries too. Skills for Care have identified nationally recognised learning outcomes to bring care training in line with the NHS in the UK which our course meets meticulously one by one.

International Caregiver Certification Course

Our caregiver certificate provides high quality learning in standards recognised across the globe. In the UK care training is delivered to some of the highest standards in the world, and those standards usually reflect those expected in other countries.

The 15 Care Certificate Standards

The 15 Care Certificate standards included in our course are:

1. Understand your role
2. Your personal development
3. Duty of care
4. Equality and diversity
5. Work in a person centred way
6. Communication
7. Privacy and dignity
8. Fluids and nutrition
9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
10. Safeguarding adults
11. Safeguarding Children
12. Basic Life Support
13. Health and Safety
14. Handling information
15. Infection prevention and control

Key concepts such as safeguarding and health and safety are generally universal standards across the globe, although the course refers to UK legislation where relevant.

Is this Caregiver Certificate Suitable for Use in My Country?

Our Care Certificate course is completed daily in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, India and the Philippines. We have a significant customer base with people seeking UK sponsorship in health & social care, but equally our courses are used by care providers looking to train their staff locally.

Do I Need a Background in Care or Nursing for this Course?

Anyone can complete this course regardless of their educational background. It is designed to deliver high quality, comprehensive training in an accessible package. All you should need is a good level of high school education.

Caregiver certificate: caregiver certification online

What is CPD Certification & is CareTuition Accredited?

CPD certification is a mark of recognition of quality training and an endorsement of it for in work training. CPD stands for continuing professional development, which is the ongoing learning activity all healthcare professionals must engage in throughout their careers.

CareTuition courses are CPD accredited by the CPD Certification Service in the UK.

Who is this Course for?

This course can be used by employers to train healthcare assistants or other care staff in any care setting. It is a training standard that can apply equally to home care providers and NHS hospitals.

Caregivers and nurse aides from other countries whose training requirements align with those listed above can also use our training. Individuals seeking employment in care can also complete and benefit from this course.

Caregiver certificate: caregiver certification online
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