Care Certificate – Infection Prevention & Control


11 reviews for Care Certificate – Infection Prevention & Control

  1. adekeye75 (verified owner)



    Interesting and understanding course.

  3. Kenneth Boadu Anto (verified owner)

  4. Jennifer C. (verified owner)


  5. Blessing Akhimien (verified owner)

  6. Luckesha Morris (verified owner)

    Very straightforward and easy to put in practice

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The knowledge acquired will help to protect myself and people in my care from harm.

  8. rebeccaqu215 (verified owner)

    I have really acquired knowledge

  9. alexander ebhodaghe (verified owner)

    It was really amazing. 3

  10. Miriam Mthamo (verified owner)

  11. Kenneth Boadu Anto (verified owner)

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