The Care Certificate with Elearning – Questions Answered

Can I Complete the Care Certificate with Elearning Alone?

Completing the care certificate with elearning certainly makes a strong case for itself!

Elearning is an indispensable learning resource and one which will no doubt expand further in the years to come – especially now that working remotely has become more commonplace.

While learners undoubtedly get the greatest benefit from a ‘blended’ approach, which combines elearning with classroom and vocational training, not every organisation will have the time and resources to facilitate this.

The answer lies in the way the care certificate is intended to be delivered.

The care certificate was designed to combine classroom or online learning with workplace observations, so that part of the qualification is the learner demonstrating key skills and knowledge as they deliver care.

It is therefore not possible to complete the care certificate with elearning alone, but it is possible to complete the knowledge element of the care certificate with elearning.

Why is Our Care Certificate Training Different?

Our learning system allows learners to complete the knowledge element of the care certificate without input from an internal assessor.

However, our approach also allows assessors from your organisation to sign off the observed learning outcomes of the care certificate from within our LMS.

This means all the learning for the care certificate is recorded within our system and you can sign off your candidates with confidence once it is complete.

The care certificate can therefore be completed with no paperwork whatsoever and without a complicated combination of different methods.

Your supervisors can simply log progress from a mobile device wherever observations happen to be made – not wherever a clipboard happens to be present!

This is exactly how the care certificate was intended to be delivered – through authentic observations of real work scenarios.

You, Skills for Care and your CQC inspector can be confident that the care certificate has been delivered as it should have been – with a true workplace observation element.

You can find our Care Certificate elearning here.

Skills for Care provide useful advice and guidance about how to complete and assess the care certificate.

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