Updates to the Health and Care Visa

the Health and Care visa

The UK is continually updating its immigration strategies, focusing on skilled healthcare professionals from abroad with the Health and Care visa. This guide offers essential insights into the Health and Care Visa, part of the new points-based immigration system effective from February 2024.

Overview of Provisions for the Health and Care visa

Starting March 2024, foreign care workers and senior care workers will not be allowed to bring dependents to the UK. Until further changes, existing immigration roles and policies will continue.

The general salary threshold for skilled workers has been raised to £23,200 for roles on national pay scales, and £29,000 for other specified occupations.

The Health and Care Visa introduces role-specific salary thresholds starting at £23,200, as outlined in the Immigration Salary List.

Visa holders will not need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, and there is no limit on the issuance of Certificates of Sponsorship.

The resident labor market test is eliminated, requiring candidates to now accumulate 70 points from a combination of fixed and tradeable traits such as job offer, skill level, and English proficiency.

A dedicated support service from UK Visas and Immigration is now available to help streamline the application process for individuals and their families.

Eligibility and Points System

Candidates must be qualified in a relevant healthcare profession and have a job offer from a UK sponsor to be eligible. They must meet the occupation-specific salary requirement, demonstrate English language skills, and gather 70 points based on job offer, skill level, salary, and other factors.

Essential traits, including a job offer from an approved sponsor, job at the appropriate skill level, and English proficiency, provide 50 points. The remaining 20 points can be obtained through salary, working in a shortage occupation, possessing a relevant PhD, or being a new entrant to the job market.

Application Timescale and Fees

The visa application can be initiated up to three months before the job start date in the UK.

Decisions are typically made within three weeks, with potential for expedited processing.

Application fees range from £284 for up to three years to £551 for longer stays. Applicants must show they have at least £1,270 in maintenance funds, unless covered by their sponsor.

Residency and Citizenship Following the Health and Care Visa

Health and Care Visa holders can reside and work in the UK for up to five years, extendable, with eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after five years, subject to meeting all conditions, including continuous residence.

The updated regulations aim to strengthen the UK’s healthcare workforce by attracting skilled professionals and simplifying the application process.

For NHS employers and prospective employees, understanding these changes is crucial for compliance and smooth integration.

For further guidance and updates, visit the GOV.UK website.

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