Work in Care in the UK from Africa or India

In 2022 the UK relaxed its requirements for sponsorship visas for healthcare assistants. This meant that care workers were added to the list of skilled workers who could apply for UK visas. Previously visas were only granted to senior care workers. That means it is now more accessible to work in care in the UK from Africa or India. UK care providers are receiving more applications from places like India, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as the Philippines.

This happened in response to a huge shortage of care workers in the UK following it leaving the EU. Care providers are applying for licenses to provide visa sponsorship in increasing numbers. They are looking for staff from overseas for care homes and home care services.

The version of the skilled worker visa for healthcare workers is called the health and care worker visa. It is exempt from the usual fees to access the UK healthcare system. This is meant to make it easier to apply so that the shortage of workers can be addressed.

What are the requirements for being awarded a visa?

Experience in care is required for the health and care worker visa. There is no minimum amount specified however, so it is the choice of care providers how much is acceptable. The benchmark for recruiting ordinarily is generally at least 3 months in a formal care setting, or even some experience of caring for a family member.

There are no formal qualifications required to work in care in the UK from India or Africa, but care providers usually train their staff to care certificate standards. This is a requirement of healthcare regulators in the UK. That means it can be an advantage to undertake care certificate training before applying for UK jobs.

Work in Care in the UK from Africa

UK Care Work Checklist

  • CV with at least 3 months exerience in care or caring for family members
  • Training such as the Care Certificate is an advantage
  • Some of the visa application documents at the ready can help

What else is required when applying for a visa?

There is a list of formal requirements to be awarded a UK skilled worker visa.

These are as follows:

  • A criminal record or police check from your home country
  • Test results proving your level of English, for example IELTS 4.0 or a degree approved by ECCTIS
  • A tuberculosis test from certain countries
  • Proof of financial capacity if the employer is not paying your living expenses – currently £1270 in your bank account for at least 28 days

You do not require these to apply for jobs, but practically speaking having these in place will show employers you are ready for the visa application.

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